On this website you can find more information:

  • About relational fundraising:  what it is, why it is important, and how to do it
  • The online course at Ywamelearning.com
  • The 4-day workshop on personal support raising including a trainer’s day
  • Latest news about workshop dates and progress on the online course
  • There are many resources to help you learn
  • Contact us with questions or comments

Just use the menu on the above to move around the site – and enjoy!

You’re welcome to subscribe to updates and articles that will periodically be posted on the “News” page.

20 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello Terry, Greetings from Singapore! Thank you for this resource! May the Lord multiply and use it for His kingdom! God bless you and Ed! Hope to see you again. Love, Grace and Joel

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    • Hi Grace! Thanks for the encouragement. My hope is that YWAM bases will refer their staff/potential staff to the online course. They can also have a facilitator who would lead a small group of staff through the course, or coach individuals as they go through it. There are many ways it can be used, with the goal of equipping staff to be fully funded world changers!

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  2. Please say Howdy to the Mumleys for us. We will be praying for all the support to come in for all who want to train. God bless and safe trip!

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  3. Well done you! You and Hans were so brave to take on this vision and courageous for seeing it through all the long slog of it. I thank you. I look forward to the day that no YWAMer comes on staff before they have attended at least the 3 day seminar.

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    • You can click on the link to take you to the course and just go and do it. You don’t need to wait for anything, just go and create a log-in name and password and begin the course. There is no key you need from me. It’s a do-it-yourself at your own pace course. Be blessed! Terry


  4. Blessings!

    Greetings of Peace and Prosperity!

    My Beloved,

    We are prayerfully, considering all possible resources that have the heart to spread, share and preach the Love of God to all the nation..

    Pray for for Us and How is it?

    In Christ,

    Gerryme P. Peñamante


    • You can go directly to the course via the link (www.ywamelearning.com) and just follow the instructions. You can start it whenever you like – it is a do-it-yourself at your own pace course. You just need to create a log-in and there is no payment necessary. Let me know if it works out for you, OK? Terry


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