Books & websites

“Great resources!”

Click here to access my Dropbox folder (English) with helpful fundraising resources

Recommended Reading for Fundraising

‘Funding Your Ministry’ (whether you’re gifted or not) by Scott Morton, NavPress – Website Scott Morton

‘Daring to Live on the Edge: The Adventure of Faith and Finances’ by Loren Cunningham (Founder of Youth With A Mission)

‘Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team that Lasts’ by Betty Barnett, a YWAMer  Betty Barnett

‘Funding the Family Business’ by Myles Wilson – Website Myles Wilson

‘The Spirituality of Fundraising’ by Henri Nouwen – Website Henri Nouwen

‘Serving as Senders Today’ by Neal Pirolo – for church mission committees, home front teams, 41nHW8fggVL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_etc.  Website Neal Pirolo

‘Wealth, Riches and Money’ by Craig Hill and Earl Pitts – a biblical understanding of God’s purposes for money, how we are influenced by the spirit of mammon, how to live within a “closed budget”.

‘Money, Possessions and Eternity’ by Randy Alcorn – more biblical understanding! – Website Randy Alcorn

‘Self-supporting Ministry’ by Kevin Colyer, a YWAMer.

‘The God Ask’ by Steve Shadrach

Useful websites: is a place where you can have a fundraising web page for free to raise money for projects you can find out what your asking style is plus other resources tools and resources for raising support – you can create a budget here, online, store it online, and use it to help manage your money. – many good resources and information (U.K.) – a free budget and expenses worksheet created by a missionary

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