New free download, “Money: What’s to know?”

images (3)I want to recommend a good read for you by someone I’ve been following for several years now – Philip Evans.  I love his vision statement:  “Helping people transcend the influence of money in their lives”.  He is helping people understand the difference between money and mammon and how to have a right relationship with money, the way God intended.

Not many are writing on this topic of mammon, but I consider it crucial to understand some of our hangups with “asking people for money”.  This is one of the biggest barriers for those considering a full-time career in missions.  The more we understand how we’ve been deceived to give power to money, the easier it will become to find freedom in obeying and trusting God to truly be our Provider.

Here is the link:  

One promotion deserves another…

gc3 logo2It was nice to discover a website that has promoted the online course:  Global Connections in Mission, or now called GC3.  It’s fascinating to read their history – they’ve been promoting missions for more than 130 years!  New Zealand does have quite a heritage of sending Gospel-spreaders around the world.

They have a great Resources section that’s worth checking out – click on Tools and you’ll find a goldmine!  Enjoy…


online courseThe Beta version of the online course is now completed and available for anyone!

What started as an idea in the desert in Egypt almost 5 years ago is now a reality.  I’m very thankful to Phil Leage for suggesting it and offering to host it on his site.

Please share this with anyone you know who is interested to raise their own financial support.

Next Workshops

March 19-23, 2018  at the YWAM Heidebeek training center in Heerde.  Send me an email at to apply.  For all other workshops below email me for more info.

April 25-28, 2018 at YWAM Paisley, Scotland.

May 21-25, 2018 at YWAM Nuremburg, Germany.

July and August in various locations in India.



Please note:  We do not accept participants applying from outside of the European Union for the workshops in The Netherlands.  It’s too difficult to get visas and it’s too short of a workshop to warrant the high cost to come.  

Relational Fundraising Online Course – coming soon!

We’re working right now on an online version of the Relational Fundraising Workshop. This online e-course will be accessible via

What is it?

Image 2015-01-20 at 3.15.16 PMThis online course will equip you to build a team of ministry partners who will financially support you to do ministry.

What’s it look like?

This seminar follows 4 training modules and several lessons:

  1. Introduction:
    • Understanding the need for this kind of training
  2. The Kingdom view of fundraising:
    • Looking from God’s perspective at money & fundraising
    • Understanding the spiritual dynamics of money & fundraising
  3. Essentials tools to communicate vision
    • Exploring different tools to help us better communicate our vision for mission
  4. Create your personal support plan
    • Creating your own plan and strategy for raising the FULL amount of support you need to do ministry


Hopefully the course will be finished in the beginning of June 2015. More information is coming soon. Click here to have a sneak preview of the course.