Online Support Raising Course

Of course not everyone can attend a 5 day workshop or other kind of training.  In 2010 I met Phil Leage in the desert of Egypt and he offered to host my course on his website, YWAMelearning.

Modules & Lessons

The course follows my 5 day workshop content spread out over 4 modules:  Introduction, The Biblical View of Fundraising, Essential Tools to Communicate Vision, and Create Your Personal Support Raising Plan.

Note that this do-it-yourself course can be done at your own pace and you can start any time.

4 modules

Is it Free?

Yes! Our goal is to make this training available to anyone, anywhere!  I definitely don’t want a lack of funds to become an obstacle to learn this vital topic.  And I especially want this training to be available to the missionaries from the Majority World who often don’t have a way to pay for things digitally. There is an opportunity at the end of the course to give a voluntary donation if you like.

How to get started

It is hosted on YWAMelearning where you will find other courses as well, including YWAM’s excellent School of Biblical Studies.  You will need to register with a user name and password first, then you’re good to go.  Please note:  your login name needs to be all small letters with no spaces as well as your password (example:  terrysherman) You will need to reply to a confirmation email as well. Here is the link:

This online course is copyrighted, 2010, Terry Sherman, all rights reserved.

21 thoughts on “Online Support Raising Course

  1. Zambia , serenje office branch.pastor chrian mambwe,Po box 99 serenje Zambia Africa


    1. I’m not sure what you want me to do with your address – you can access the online course from the internet. Just click on the link at the bottom of this page.


  2. Hi Linda – we are still organizing that Zoom workshop, and the dates are not yet known. Shirley Chirima is organizing it with me. Dates will be shared once we know them.

    I’m curious as to why you couldn’t log on to the site. Every now and then someone has a problem with it, but they always manage to do it eventually. What is your problem, exactly?
    Thanks, Terry


  3. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.


  4. Hello sister. Please help me how to raise fundraising for my ministry


    1. That’s what the online course is all about – helping people learn how to do this. So just use the link on the page to go there and start doing the course! Be blessed, Terry


  5. Hi Terry,
    Thank you for your love to help Missionaries through this, looking forward to register this course and learn more about this.
    Thank you so much ❤
    God bless you always ❤


  6. Hi, I keep receiving a Certificate Error with navigation saying this is not a safe site to go to???


    1. Hi Heather – I had no problem with the links, but I updated them to the https site address which I hope makes a difference for you. Please let me know, OK? Thanks, Terry


  7. Hello! I tried to register for the course but have not received a confirmation email. Can you please help me?


    1. Hi beloved – sorry I didn’t see this sooner! You don’t need any confirmation email from me. You just need to register with a user name and password which gives you free entry into the course. Try again, and make sure you enter your email correctly. Let me know if you still have any problems, OK? Blessings, Terry

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see now that once you make your user name and password that the website will send you a confirmation email. Just make sure you type it in correctly and it should go well.


  8. sujan theophilus July 30, 2016 — 18:18

    i would like to do the course kindly inbox me the fee and the structure of the course.
    Mr.Jerry is the one who followed me up for this a big thanks for ur patience and concern


    1. Hi Sujan – there is no fee for the course. If you follow the link from this website, you’ll get to look at it yourself. Enjoy!


      1. Hi terrysherman I m tom from Kenya my question is all about Admission ,if some one want to be in full time course not on line course what would he do to be considered?


      2. Hi Tom – If I or a trainer of mine was doing a workshop in Kenya then it would be appropriate to come to that. But to come all the way to Europe for a one week workshop is not so appropriate 1) because the visa is not easy to get granted for The Netherlands, and 2) because the cost is way out of proportion for airfare, visa, and workshop cost. Doing the online course is exactly the same content as the face-to-face workshop and it’s free. I have run the workshop twice in Nairobi, Kenya back in July 2015, but I haven’t been back since then.


    2. HI I would like to take the online course, I live in China would you pls send me the details .


      1. Hi Rinu – click on the link to the online course,, and you can register for no cost and have entry into the course. It explains everything once you’re on the site. Let me know if it works out, OK? Blessings, Terry


    3. Awe can’t wait


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