P1070131P1150212Here is some feedback from people who have done the workshop:

“I’ve been over 20 years in missions, but have never heard anything close to what I have heard this week. It has been revolutionary and educative.”

“I am eternally glad I did your training. It changed my situation but also gave me tools to teach others.” 

“This workshop has enlightened my understanding about fundraising, but has also given me the confidence to step out to talk or find people to build and join my team.”

“A very necessary teaching for everyone (esp. missionaries!)  dealing with root issues and giving very practical advice on raising support; lots of resources; a very encouraging week.”

“Spiritual strongholds, walking in the opposite spirit, and wrong attitudes – learning about these this week encouraged me that fundraising is not the huge wall I thought it was.”

“I did the Relational Fundraising Workshop in May 2013 with Terry Sherman, and it was truly an amazing experience. Terry is a great teacher and uses a lot of examples and experiences from her personal life. The topic of the spirituality of fundraising really opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of looking at faith, finance & fundraising.
             I learned to identify some personal strongholds and lies, and had the possibility of dealing with these things during the course. The result was that I felt much more free in inviting people into financial partnerships, because I got rid of my ‘beggar’s mentality’.
            I can recommend everybody to do this workshop, because your mind will be renewed on a lot of areas. Learning to look at finances from a Kingdom perspective makes it so much easier to take the step to live on full-time support when God calls you into this type of ministry.”



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