The Relational Fundraising Workshop


Our training program truly is a WORK-shop where you will be working out your plan to invite people to join you in ministry.

There is required homework before arriving, and there are practical assignments during the workshop.

To apply, email Terry Sherman,

For more info:

The goal

The primary goal is to change your way of thinking about raising financial support to see it as part of your ministry.  Along with that is the goal of helping you understand your identity as a “worker who is worthy to be supported” (quote from Jesus).

You will be equipped with confidence and tools to create your team of ministry partners.

The program

The core training is 3.5 days, but you can also stay on for the extra Trainer’s Day – another 4 hours on Friday.  I’m passionate about having others pass this on!  Below is the content covered over 4 days:

Module 1 – The biblical view of fundraising

Introduction – my own story of almost giving up
Why do we do it like this in YWAM?
Bible Study feedback – The Biblical foundation:
Seasons of provision; Levites example; Jesus example and teaching; Paul’s
example and teaching
The spirituality of fundraising (Henri Nouwen):  fundraising is ministry!
Understanding our hang-ups (wrong mindsets/strongholds) with fundraising:
      What is the mammon factor and how have you been deceived into
giving power to money?
Dealing with your wrong mindsets

Module 2 – Essential tools to communicate vision

Defining your passion/calling – your personal vision statement
Presenting your vision:
      Make a presentation
      Presenting your vision to the group
      Role playing – inviting someone to partner with us

Module 3 – Your personal fundraising action plan

Becoming Faithful Communicators – newsletters, emails, blogs, TntMPD, create a Communication Plan, etc.
Develop a personal fundraising plan for full support:  answer 6 questions
Get help:  Accountability Partner, Create a Home Front Team
Minister to your partners (value, thank, inspire and involve them)

Module 4 – For those wanting to train others at their own base or elsewhere

Do first, then teach;
Develop a long-term mindset;
Create a Training/Coaching program at your base;
Your Training Action Plan;
Set up accountability structures;
Be coached by Terry, join the Facebook Trainers Group;
How to use the online course to facilitate your training

Upcoming workshops

All live workshops are “on hold” until the coronavirus pandemic is under control. 
I am beginning to give workshops via Zoom – write me for more info. 


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