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Here is a message I received in September 2018 from someone who did the online course.  I’m sharing it here because her motivation for doing the course is typical of all missionaries!  Maybe it will encourage you to do it as well… 

Hello Terry

My name is Sofie and I work with YWAM in Latvia. A friend recommended the online course relational fundraising and after some time I decided to take the course, since I have been quite tired of always having a minimum to live from.
I started the course for two reasons; I wanted to figure out what the Bible actually says about fundraising and the second reason – which is the main one –  was to figure out my own vision. I never really had a vision or knew what it was and I thought I do missionary work because I enjoy it and that’s what I feel called to… But I knew it was necessary to figure out my vision for myself and to do better fundraising.

Doing this course opened my eyes so much. Starting with doing the Bible study and looking up scriptures I already saw so much of what I didn’t expect to find. Things like being generous (it is more blessed to give than to receive), asking people personally for support – how many times that actually happens in the Bible! ….etc….

The course has a really beautiful structure. Where we are asked to pray about strongholds in our lives and after having dealt with that, go into what’s our vision. This really helped me to get a clear picture on why I am actually doing what I am doing. And to my surprise God actually showed me! It was to encourage and disciple people 😊

I just got a whole new view on fundraising and seeing what it is really about: relationships! Also seeing that it is actually a blessing to the supporter was very refreshing.

When I came to the end of the course, I realized I was still thinking “but who am I that people would want to support me…” And then I opened the last video where you started off saying the exact same thing and encouraging us that it is not about us but about what God wants to do through us. Thank you for sharing that, and so many other wise things!

It was very eye-opening and I gained so much out of it and I am ready to live out of vision and start fundraising in new ways!

Thank you for sharing your life experience and wisdom, it is a huge blessing to YWAM-ers and other missionaries that this course is there to help.

May God bless you!
Sofie from Belgium

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