online courseThe Beta version of the online course is now completed and available for anyone!

What started as an idea in the desert in Egypt almost 5 years ago is now a reality.  I’m very thankful to Phil Leage for suggesting it and offering to host it on his site.

Please share this with anyone you know who is interested to raise their own financial support.

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About terrysherman

My passion is to see God's love and values transform people, families, neighborhoods, cities, and nations.... There are many people in non-profit organizations that are willing to go and do the work, but need to be funded by others who believe in their vision. I train people how to create a team of ministry partners to carry out God's dreams.

3 thoughts on “IT IS FINISHED!

  1. Hi Terry,

    I’ve shared your website here on the Kona Bulletin Board (see picture below). You really should come down here some time….I think a lot of people would be interested. (and we would love to see you 🙂

    With love & blessings,


    > Op 26 jun. 2015, om 11:27 p.m. heeft Relational het volgende geschreven: > >

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