Grab the Elephant: 3 Critical Components of Successful Support Raising

This article says it all and very well…!

Financial Partnership Development


Before we get into this really amazing post, I (Jenn Fortner), just want to say how thankful I am to Pastor Chris for agreeing to challenge us with his wisdom in the area of ministry partnership development. You guys!! This post is full of practical wisdom straight from a guy that truly knows the ins and outs of raising funds biblically. Unfortunately, we have to do a little bit to hide his identity for security reasons, so I can’t say much about who Pastor Chris is. However I can tell you what an honor it is to have our friend writing a guest post with hopefully more to come! Enjoy! – JF

*Once upon a time there were 3 blind men in India.  Each man was asked to go up to an elephant and then give a description of the elephant.

The first blind man puts his…

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My passion is to see God's love and values transform people, families, neighborhoods, cities, and nations.... There are many people in non-profit organizations that are willing to go and do the work, but need to be funded by others who believe in their vision. I train people how to create a team of ministry partners to carry out God's dreams.

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