New free download, “Money: What’s to know?”

images (3)I want to recommend a good read for you by someone I’ve been following for several years now – Philip Evans.  I love his vision statement:  “Helping people transcend the influence of money in their lives”.  He is helping people understand the difference between money and mammon and how to have a right relationship with money, the way God intended.

Not many are writing on this topic of mammon, but I consider it crucial to understand some of our hangups with “asking people for money”.  This is one of the biggest barriers for those considering a full-time career in missions.  The more we understand how we’ve been deceived to give power to money, the easier it will become to find freedom in obeying and trusting God to truly be our Provider.

Here is the link:  

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2 thoughts on “New free download, “Money: What’s to know?”

  1. Dear sister greetings in Jesus name. I am caleb from India me and my wife working with Ywam from 1997. Thanks for your website.


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